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Marklin is known in model railroading circles as the premier brand of model toys and trains. Marklin GmbH is located in Göppingen, Germany, and has been producing toys since 1869 (and HO trains for 60+ years).

I have been running Marklin trains for over 30 years. (If I don't look that old, then it's because I started at age 3). My layout is digitally controlled, and I've written a couple of slick programs to control my trains (speed, direction, acceleration curve, develeration curve, headlights, smoke units, and other functions) directly from my Macintosh computer. If you control a Marklin layout with a Mac (with a serial interface - USB and FireWire are not yet supported), please try my MacTrains program and send me your comments.

I'm also a member of Modellbahn Collectors, a small group of serious Märklin HO-scale enthusiasts. Be sure to check out our extensive Links Page.

Feel free to e-mail me if you'd like to discuss Märklin or model trains in general.

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